Case studies

Major global airline 
HR portfolio management

We implemented new processes and technology across the HR division for this client, specifically developing an HR portfolio management approach that included program management, resource utilization, organization charts, plus change management process and procedures. Our goal was to create a mechanism for the senior leadership team to determine each project’s adherence to the company’s global strategy, as well as to ensure effective use of resources and optimization of organizational structure throughout the division.

Major global airline 
MBA recruitment/leadership development program

As the Program Lead, we implemented a combined MBA recruitment and leadership development program. Prior to our involvement, each company division identified and recruited MBAs from various schools with no internal coordination or formal follow-up training. We led a team of 15 internal staff members to develop a cohesive MBA program – working with all divisions and functions in the company – leveraging best practices in staffing, training and organizational design. Our responsibilities included uniting the disparate divisions’ objectives and priorities to align them with the company-wide MBA program. In addition we worked with the business units, as well as with IT and public relations, to develop new promotional collateral and to establish a rotational training program.

Global confectionery manufacturer 
HR transformation

We helped the Human Resources department consolidate its activities – which often were occurring independently within the company’s vertical product lines – identifying synergies and eliminating redundancies. Bringing rigor and consolidation to the HR process reduced costs and allowed senior management to obtain a better view into the organization and its activities.

Major research-based pharmaceutical company 
Data warehouse creation

We designed new processes and methodologies to access and leverage clinical study data in a new data warehouse. Our responsibilities included developing requirements, managing project plans, and overseeing implementation.

Multinational oil company 
Demolition project

Functioning as the Change Manager, we planned and identified the various activities for a major demolition project and eventual reconstruction of the site to an environmentally friendly, workable “green” space. This included all phases of the project, from securing funding, managing risk, identifying and securing subcontractors, and managing all business and function relationships.

Global chemical company 
Company divestiture

For this client, we led the U.S. team in the Management of Change in the divestiture of its U.S. chemical division into a new company. We worked closely with the executive teams to identify, create and negotiate functional and operations term sheets between the two organizations. Our responsibilities included working with the two distinct organizations to determine the optimal organizational structures, as well as to identify critical functions and resources that needed to be fully operational from Day 1 onward.

World’s third-largest energy company 
Sarbanes-Oxley implementation

We assisted in developing and managing a highly functional program management office to support the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act requirements. We coordinated and managed resources for more than 560 projects worldwide and ensured effective and coordinated resources across all program elements. We also served as a lead member of the central program office team with primary responsibilities as the liaison to the individual business units.

Leading petrochemical company 
Organizational transformation

Serving as the temporary chief of staff, Dean worked directly with the CEO and leadership team, managing a major organizational transformation. His duties included ensuring an effective transformation with all key milestones and deliverables met. He also made sure that all presentation materials were aligned with the goals and vision of the organization and its transformation.

Major single stock futures exchange 
Electronic trading system implementation

We provided comprehensive management support for the implementation of a new electronic trading system. As part of that, we worked with the client to develop business strategies and operational business processes, establish vendor management protocols, and implement risk assessment and change protocol processes.